a sketch of Reverend Gary Davis by Rory Block
Reverend Gary Davis, born April 30, 1896, died May 5, 1972, was an amazing guitarist and a remarkable person.  This website is dedicated to honoring him and his legacy.
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August 2003

"Heroes Of The Blues: The Very Best Of Rev. Gary Davis" is released by Shout! Factory as part of a six compact disc series. The cd is a compilation of 16 tracks previously released on other compact discs. See the track list here or listen to samples from the disc. Click here to enter a contest to win all six compact discs in the series. Click the button below to purchase your copy from Amazon.com.



February, 2003
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings released "If I Had My Way: Early Home Recordings of Reverend Gary Davis" on February 25, 2003.
When young folk music disciple John Cohen went to the home of Reverend Gary Davis in early 1954, he could not have known the importance of the recordings he made. These historic recordings of the Reverend, which predate his seminal albums, provide a window into the world of this blind preacher caught between the blues and church. Fans of Davis' work will find these recordings to be a revelation as a full ten songs were never recorded again and cannot be heard elsewhere.

February, 2003
The Folk Alliance honored Ralph Stanley, the late Rev. Gary Davis and Sing Out! magazine with Lifetime Achievement awards during the organization’s 15th annual conference in Nashville, Feb. 6-9. Comprised chiefly of meetings, workshops and showcases, the conference was held at the Nashville Convention Center and adjacent Renaissance Hotel. This was the ninth year the awards have been conferred. The Alliance honored Davis, the legendary blues guitarist and singer, on Feb. 7. Ernie Hawkins presented the award.

November 2002
"The Sun Of Our Life; Solos, Songs & Sermons 1955-1957" is released by World Arbiter Records. In a private archive lay home recordings of works never recorded on LP or CD by this master bluesman, ragtime guitarist and gospel artist, second to none as a musician, who influenced Blind Boy Fuller, Brownie McGee, Bob Dylan, Bob Weir & the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Taj Mahal and so many more. These unique documents, in excellent sound, capture a full cross-section of a remarkable musician who brought to culmination so many traditions. Included is a fiery sermon by the Rev. See the track list here, read the liner notes here, or listen to a sample of "Improvisation: Fast Blues in A"
cover of "The Sun of Our Life" cd

October 2002
"Mean Little Poodle", Ernie Hawkins latest cd, is released. A master of acoustic blues guitar returns with another spectacular offering of Blues, Gospel and Dance Tunes, with just a little Voodoo thrown in to boot. Hawkins has been building his reputation as one of the finest purveyors of solo acoustic blues guitar playing in the world. (...read more)

cover of the "Mean Little Poodle" cd

September 2002
"The Gospel Guitar of Rev. Gary Davis" taught by Ernie Hawkins is released in a four VHS/DVD set. Rev. Gary Davis' music and guitar playing spanned a century of different techniques, styles and ideas and touched on so many musical formats, i.e. blues, ragtime, folk, gospel, marching songs and tin pan alley hits. In this series of four lessons, Ernie Hawkins teaches fourteen of Rev. Davis's most requested and famous gospel guitar arrangements. Rare footage of Rev. Davis playing many of the tunes taught in this collection is featured. Ernie gives you a detailed rundown of each arrangement, analyzing the structure and timing of each phrase, verse and chorus and then replaying everything slower on a split screen with close-ups of both hands. A comprehensive 80 page tab/music booklet is included. All in all, almost six hours of instruction is presented. Click here to view all the details and purchase the set, or view a video clip by clicking on modem or high bandwidth.
cover of "Gospel Guitar of Rev. Gary Davis" dvd set

January 2002
“Gary Davis Style: The Legacy of Reverend Gary Davis” released. This project started as an attempt to celebrate the centenary of Rev. Gary Davis's birth, and presents twenty musical examples that include his early Greenville partner, Willie Walker, from whom Blind Gary undoubtly learned a few tricks; his earliest known student, Blind Boy Fuller, whose commercial success virtually transformed the post-depression blues world; and eighteen recent entries, who were either students of his, or who were taught by someone who was, like Peter Paul and Mary, Dave Van Ronk, Maria Muldaur, Ernie Hawkins and Rick Ruskin. Half the numbers were taken from existing CDs, including the two 78s. The other half were newly minted by the performers.
See the tracklist and purchase this CD at Amazon.com
cover of the "Gary Davis Style: The Legacy of Reverend Gary Davis" cd


January 2002
All Songs Considered, National Public Radio's online music show, looks at some of the artists responsible for 2001's folk music revival. Featured artists: the Reverend Gary Davis, Gillian Welch, Ralph Stanley, Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams, Doc Watson, Roscoe Holcomb, John Hartford, and the 1946 Band.

March 2001
Demons and Angels, Reverend Gary Davis, The Ultimate Collection is released, A box set of three compact discs (with 36 page booklet), compiled by Stefan Grossman. "Disc 1 features rare recordings made by Columbia University student John Gibbons in 1958 and 1959, and it focuses mostly on Davis's instrumental prowess: a thoroughly matchless fingerpicking guitar style that fused bits of jazz, blues, and ragtime into a highly personal technique. In addition to the many instrumentals on the first disc, there are some of Davis's most spellbinding vocal performances, especially "Crucifixion" (which blends singing and preaching) and "Don't Know Where to Go." Disc 2 includes home recordings from the mid-1960s, while the final disc of live recordings shows off his stage charisma and command." - Marc Greilsamer . View details, hear audio clips and purchase from Stefan or purchase from Amazon.com

cover of "Demons and Angels" cd set


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